Shrews and Bucks at war over Trev

Last updated : 05 April 2004 By Matthew Gamble
Telford manager Jones claims that Quinn agreed to leave Challis out of tomorrow's highly charged derby when the deal was done.

But the Town chief remained resolute, saying that as nothing was written down, he had every right to play Challis in tomorrow's game. Boss Quinn said: 'It was mentioned in dispatches when we signed him about missing this game but nothing was decided and it was not written down'.

Quinn also said the 28-year-old was 'desperate' to play in the game.

But Bucks manager Jones refuted these claims, saying: 'We made an agreement when they signed Trevor that he wouldn't play against us and now they are saying that because they paid a fee, they have the right to play him'.

There is nothing Jones can do, as there is no written confirmation of any deal. However he did acknowledge that it would only spur on his men to put in a top performance against their Shropshire rivals.

Quinn said he was completely within his rights to play the full-back, saying: 'We've helped them out a bit by giving them a bit of money for him, but I've got to do what is best for Shrewsbury'.

The financially troubled Bucks will get extra cash if Town go up, as well as half of any future transfer fee.