Town stars retirement heartache

Last updated : 14 January 2010 By Team Talk

He is staying on at the ProStar to continue his coaching role but admits he still had plenty more to give on the pitch having made just 23 appearances since his arrival from Blackpool in June 2008.

"I'm disappointed, it's not what I wanted," he told the club's official website.

"I'm disappointed obviously because I've been brought here to play, the first half of last season was great but since then it's been a total washout. I'm disappointed not just for myself but I feel in a way I've let the gaffer down, the chairman and the rest of the lads because I've not been able to play.

"If it was just a niggling injury or something like that then you can understand but this is just going on and on. The advice that I've had from doctors - they've taken me everywhere trying to sort it out and done everything possible. But it's just not one of those things that's going to go away, if it ever actually goes away, so for me to carry on playing football is not an option."

Source: Team Talk

Source: Team Talk